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CBS News

Flesh-eating bacteria infections are on the rise in the U.S. − here's how one expert says you can protect yourself

The Washington Post

Perspective | What the egg-freezing process feels like: One woman's fertility journey

The Washington Post

Second child in the world gets ultrasound treatment for deadly DIPG tumor

NBC News

Long Covid blood test shows differences in the immune system, research finds


Scientists edge closer to finding a biomarker for long Covid, which could lead to better tests and treatments

The Mirror

Long Covid treatment breakthrough as study finds abnormalities in blood of patients

San Francisco Chronicle

UCSF is trying a new tactic to eradicate long COVID symptoms. Here's how it works


What happens if you exercise but don’t eat well?

New York Post

People looking to get new COVID vaccine getting hit with $190 fees: report

AP Archive

Americans can now get an updated COVID-19 vaccine

The Wall Street Journal

Covid Boosters Aren't Reaching People Who Want Them

Fox 5 Las Vegas

Updated COVID-19 vaccines now available at Southern Nevada Health District clinics

Ask Amy: I’ve stopped all contact with my unstable mother, but still feel guilty

Chicago Tribune

Ask Amy: Should I have asked for my wine back?

The Washington Post

Advice | Ask Amy: I had to cut off my mom. How do I deal with the guilt?

Ask Amy: I have no desire to have a relationship with my mother, but guilt and sadness remain

The Guardian

Use of antiviral may be fuelling evolution of Covid, scientists say

Financial Times

Covid antiviral drug linked to 'transmissible' mutations, research finds

Sky News

Molnupiravir: COVID drug linked to mutations that could 'spread the illness', scientists say

Daily Mail

'Wonder' Covid drug can cause virus to mutate uncontrollably amid fears that it could spawn new variant


Which states have the highest obesity rates? These charts explain

NewsNation Now

CDC reports significant increase in adult obesity rates


Obesity rates skyrocket in U.S.

Fox News

Obesity maps: CDC reveals which US states have the highest body mass index among residents

New York Post

Jamaica declares Dengue fever outbreak with hundreds of confirmed and suspected cases

The Cancun Sun

Mexican Caribbean Authorities Launch New Program To Protect Tourists' Health

Jamaica Observer

NAJ satisfied with health ministry's dengue fight, Opposition throws in support

Nation News

Dengue outbreak in Jamaica

Daily Mail

Newborn baby in Kentucky is dubbed 'Mini Hulk' after lymphangioma condition left her with bulging arms and tor

The New York Times

Painful Sex After Menopause: Causes and Solutions

The Mirror

Silicosis killing young workers who cut countertops as incurable disease destroys lungs


A gene variant raises the risk of Parkinson's for some people of African descent : Goats and Soda

Medical News Today

Parkinson's disease, Lewy body dementia: New biomarker found

Wisconsin Public Radio

Risk factor for Parkinson's discovered in genes from people of African descent


5 ultra-processed foods that are marketed as healthy

The Conversation

Ultra-processed foods are not only bad for our bodies, their production damages our environments

Sydney Morning Herald

Protein bars, wraps and vege chips among seven ultra-processed foods you didn't know about

Deseret News

What foods are ultra-processed and how to eat less of them

Santa Clarita Valley Signal

Two SCV institutions reported for COVID-19 outbreak

WJW FOX 8 News Cleveland

Why you might want to wait to get the new COVID booster


As Covid-19 hospitalizations climb, rates among seniors and children raise concern


COVID-19 cases tripled in Outagamie County since Sept. 1


Friendship leads to a groundbreaking pandemic early warning network in Africa : Goats and Soda


A Brand New Parkinson's Trigger Has Been Found – And It Begins Far Earlier Than Thought


So THAT'S Why Your Stomach Hurts More As You Get Older


Brainless Brilliance: Jellyfish Stun Scientists With Learning Skills

Fox News

Jellyfish are not the 'simple creatures' once thought: New study may change an understanding of our own brains


Scientists Discover Jellyfish Can Learn Without a Brain

New York Post

New jellyfish study could change the way we view our own brains

Yahoo News

In Hospitals, Viruses Are Everywhere. Masks Are Not.

Foreign Affairs Magazine

A New Way to Fight Disease and Boost Agriculture in Poor Countries

Fox News

Depression identified as 'contributing cause' of type 2 diabetes risk, says new study: 'Important' findings


My sexual assault made me more prone to postpartum depression, PTSD


Study: Not-so-sweet effects linked to consumption of artificial sweeteners


Long-term consumption of ultra-processed foods may increase depression risk

Chronicle Live

Diet Coke ingredient 'may influence risk of depression', expert warns

Gloucestershire Live

Diet Coke ingredient 'increases risk of depression' expert warns


For Pay, Productivity And Wellbeing, Data Points To The Power Of Exercise

The Takeout

Scientists Discover a Cure for Garlic Breath

The Guardian

Eat yoghurt to ward off garlic breath, say scientists

Greeks Rejoice As Science Works Out A Way To Get Rid Of Garlic Breath

Daily Mail

Garlic breath can be fixed by eating natural yogurt thanks to its neutralising proteins, scientists say


China's 'batwoman' scientist warns another coronavirus outbreak is 'highly likely'


‘Highly risky’: China’s ‘batwoman’ warns about another coronavirus-type outbreak

Oneindia News

Chinese Virologist Warns of High Likelihood of Future Coronavirus Outbreaks| Oneindia News


Another coronavirus on the way? This is what China`s top virologist `batwoman` thinks

Daily Mail

The seven mid-life sex questions you don't dare ask... answered by a top therapist


A California woman had all her limbs amputated after eating undercooked contaminated fish

The South African

Weird News: Girl accidentally raises black panther mistaking it to be a cat (Video)


Mom Eats Fish, Loses Limbs to Flesh-Eating Bacteria

The Daily Beast

California Mom Loses All Her Limbs From Bacterial Infection


Lethal Combo: This Pair of Stressors Doubles Men's Heart Disease Risk

The US Sun

The 7 ‘camouflaged’ symptoms of deadly womb cancer most women ignore...


Why can't you stop scratching an itch?


Eye movement behavior during a VR game can be used to identify children with ADHD


UK Woman Almost Loses Vision After Contact Lenses Cause An Ulcer On Her Eye

New York Post

I went to work on my day off — the extra shift ended up saving my life


Grateful brain tumour survivor to take part in charity walk

Somerset Live

'Going to work on my day off saved my life'

Will your at-home COVID-19 test work after the expiration date? Here’s how to tell

Yahoo! Voices

5 Things COVID Experts Personally Won't Do Right Now In This Latest Surge

Toronto Star

A look at how effective COVID-19 rapid tests are this season and where to find them in Ontario

Daily Mail

Fitness coach who dropped more than 60LBS after she quit yo-yo dieting reveals the three EASY things YOU can d


Woman Shares Her 'Lazy' Tips For Shedding 15lbs In Just Three Weeks

Wales Online

Dietician explains why exercising more and eating less 'may not actually help women lose weight'


Unintended pregnancies take a toll on the mental health of new fathers


Natural homemade solution ‘fights hair loss’ and ‘boosts blood supply to hair follicles’


These 3 natural supplements could actually be dangerous


2 Supplements That Could Lead To Kidney Damage, According To Experts

Business Insider India

These 3 common herbal supplements can cause dangerous drug interactions or liver damage, a researcher says


Natural athletic supplements that could be dangerous

Daily Kos

The inevitable rise of Rabies Babies (and kids and adults) in the U.S. This is not satire.


Care for Your Eye Health Naturally With These 10 Daily Habits


Big Tobacco Made Junk Food Addictive, Too

Ars Technica

Inside the race to stop a deadly viral outbreak in India

New York Post

Adderall ODs and errors mean it's time to rethink kids' medical issues

Yahoo Life

Dietitian Reveals The 'Belly-Melting' Drink That Can Also Reduce Chronic Inflammation


Revolutionary AI Set To Predict Your Future Health With a Single Click


The #1 Habit to Break for a Longer Life, According to a Dietitian


Leonardo da Vinci Was Wrong – Scientists Disprove “Rule of Trees”

The New York Times

How to Take Care of Your Skin in the Fall and Winter

Detroit News

Q&A: Infectious disease specialist talks latest COVID-19 updates

New York Post

NYC spending $28M on 'disease detectives' to prep for potential polio, ebola, COVID outbreaks

Ideal Home

How to get your sleep schedule back on track in 11 easy steps


Avoid these common mistakes to have a healthier gut

Hindustan Times

Human lifespan till 120 years?, US doctor claims stem cells will make it happen

Star Tribune

On a stretch of gravel road, Dodge County families ravaged by cancer question nitrate


Doctors drop patients on painkillers amid federal opioid scrutiny, experts say

High Cholesterol: 5 Homemade Drinks You MUST Consume Every Morning to Manage LDL


10 foods that are naturally low in cholesterol


'I'm a personal trainer - these four dietary tweaks could slash your high cholesterol'


Best 5 Foods To Maintain Healthy Cholesterol Levels In Your Body |

Daily Mail

I'm a nutrition expert - here are 5 foods you should avoid eating before bed if you want to get a good night's

Neuroscience News

New Tools Illuminate Myelin Growth in Infants

Medical Xpress

Q&A: How new software is changing our understanding of human brain development


New software uncovers that myelin develops much slower after birth

Hack Spirit

If you're always feeling tired, these 10 daily habits could be to blame


New dementia risk score that can help identify disease chances early

Daily Record

Dementia calculator predicts chances of developing syndrome in the next five years

The Sun

The 12 things that leave you at increased risk of brain-robbing dementia – and how to change them...

HuffPost UK

This Test Calculates Your Dementia Risk In The Next Five Years


Indian Actress Jasmin Bhasin Shares Swimsuit Photo Ready to "Fly"

Bored Panda

50 Pregnant Women Whose Day Is Going Worse Than Yours Is (New Pics)


Modafinil and caffeine improve vigilance of individuals deprived of sleep, study finds

Yahoo Life

Curing Your Brain Fog Could Be As Easy As Replacing a Few Spices: Here's What a Top MD Recommends + The Brands to Chose

Environmental Health News

Tracking down a poison: Getting the lead out of spices in Bangladesh and Georgia

First For Women

Spice Brands Without Heavy Metals Could Help End Brain Fog


Alzheimer's Blood Tests Are Now Available. Here's What to Know.

Utah Prison housing unit quarantined after scabies outbreak

ABC4 Utah

Scabies breakout at Utah State Correctional Facility

Scabies outbreak at Utah State Prison, at least 57 cases confirmed

FOX 13 News Utah

At least 57 cases of scabies reported at Utah state prison amid outbreak

Local coverage

The Telegraph

Baby cells remain in mothers after birth and could help future pregnancies

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